I really enjoy working with my clients to put the complex puzzle that is their dissertation together. Over the past 20 years, I have established a proven track record of mentoring candidates through to graduation. Over the past 8 years, 100% of my clients who have committed to coaching have completed their dissertation research and graduated.

I coach my clients through their entire dissertation journey. Beginning with narrowing the “Problem” and finding the “Gap in the Literature” we’ll progress together through to your final defense.

Through regular coaching sessions, I’ll assist you in creating and maintaining structure and accountability. We’ll address the specific needs you have at your current stage in the process. Here are the specifics of my approach to coaching:

The 1st Introductory Coaching Session is only $99. This initial session includes both a review and analysis of your latest draft and a 30-minute virtual coaching session. This allows me to assess where you are in your journey and you an opportunity to experience my approach before making a commitment to coaching.

After the initial session, I’ll invite you to make a commitment to coaching. At that point, we’ll negotiate the terms of our agreement. I offer a sliding scale from $100- $150 an hour based on the commitment that you make to coaching.

  • As a client, you and I will negotiate a coaching schedule that meets your specific needs in order to keep you on track to completion.
  • The coaching sessions will be 45-minute long web conferences utilizing so we can use desktop sharing.
  • All coaching sessions will be recorded and shared with you for your review.
  • Substantial content and editing feedback will be offered on each of your drafts before each of our coaching sessions.
  • We’ll spend our coaching sessions reviewing necessary edits, clarifying feedback, and setting specific objectives for the next coaching session.