“My first phone call with Dr. Kat Malinsky was life changing. She knew all the right questions to ask about me: work, school, aspirations. Several tears later, a nurturing relationship was born. Dr. Kat’s support through the writing of my dissertation proposal allowed me to explore my strengths and weaknesses in a trusting, respectful, and compassionate environment. Her guidance nurtured my budding confidence and inspired me to be greater than myself. We created a new, more whole version of “me” in our time together. We laugh when we refer to the “old Lindsay,” but this is such a provocative metaphor to what her coaching has done for me…together we created a writer and a scholar who was enjoying the dissertation process!”

-Dr Lindsay Padilla, Podcast Host of Academics Mean Business, Digital Course Consultant, Creator of the world’s first TA Agency. University of San Francisco.